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  from Pier Luigi, the idea of organizing this mountain running competition was born along the paths that cross the various hamlets of Tarsogno and which lead up to the highest peak of Mount Zuccone (1450 m) following the Tuscan-Emilian ridge from which you can see from the Alps to the Ligurian Sea, allowing athletes or enthusiasts to discover and appreciate the Alta Val Taro, the green casket of the Parma Apennines.

In this way Pier Luigi wants to remember his father Pierino Ravella born in Tarsogno who loved his country so much, the days in the open air, the woods and meadows and his friends from Tarsogno.

Said and done in June 2015 under a hot summer sun, many athletes found themselves on the starting line to venture into this FIRST HUNDRED CROSS TRAIL of 24 km with 1250 d+. The group of friends interested in organizing grows, intrigues and also stimulates other people to participate in the creation of the event.

In 2016 the second edition of the hundred crosses trail will be another success, despite the truly inclement weather that puts a strain on the 100 volunteers on the route, fortifying the spirit of union among them. Given the good response in June, we are also thinking of an edition of winter trail in the autumn. So in November a "march for the Marches" is organized, a 17 km trail with 1000 d+, the proceeds of which will be entirely donated to the town of Bolognola in the Marches, destroyed by the violent earthquake.

In 2017 we begin to reorganize the third edition ... and here is the turning point, the group of friends is structured by deciding to found an amateur sports association: therefore ASD SPIRITO TARSOGNO is born with headquarters in Tarsogno via Noberini 1. Affiliated to the UISP OF PARMA and recognized by the NATIONAL CONI.

The aim is to organize events, teams, encourage sport in the country, all without profit and with a lot of goodwill from the members. Thanks to its sporting events, ASD takes an active part in the life of the town by supporting various cultural and charitable activities. A football team will soon be born, with many members, boys from the town who had long wanted to kick the ball together in a team, making a real championship.

The 9 tireless councilors with the collaboration of the 100 volunteers are always looking for something "old" and "new" to whet the curiosity of anyone who wants to participate.

And here we are _ cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d _ arrived promoting many events in the meantime, at pandemic 2020. We didn't give up, actually continuously stimulated athletes and friends to continue playing sports in the ways allowed during this particular period. We canceled our two races, but in their place we promoted two fun virtual events for charity. Many accessions, and thanks to the generosity of friends we managed to donate discrete sums to charity. We therefore continue on our way of promoting sport, friendship and solidarity.
Our trail team has increased in number e  for next 2021 we have 23 members, including 3 reckless men against 20 fierce women.

2021 WE GO AGAIN!!!!! We present our 700 crosses trail under a universal flood....but it will be a success, especially the brand new 50 km cct ultramarathon! very good our girls from the Oriana, Alessandra and Anita team who climb all the steps of the women's podium.
the team grows in anticipation of 2022, a special welcome to Guido, Matteo, Francesco. 


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Parma, 12 February 2020. The Department of Equal Opportunities of the Municipality of Parma is launching the second edition of the "Le Parmigiana" Award for Parmesan women committed to the community or who have distinguished themselves for their professional ability, resourcefulness, creativity, talent at work, in arts, in social and political engagement. An award in recognition of women's skills and talents.

The Award aims to be an acknowledgment to ordinary extraordinary women who, with personality and determination, have been able to combine skills, experience, passion, emotional intelligence, characteristics often combined with a humanity in working "at the service of others".

ASD SPIRITO TARSOGNO candidates Elisa Adorni for the competition with the following reasons:

Elisa promotes sport in the Parma area with enthusiasm, passion and positivity. He has been able to make his professional and sporting skills available with cordiality and care for others, always working with commitment and dedication to transmitting the values of positivity and love for clean and fair sport. Thanks to this attitude, Elisa has led many girls and women of our city to approach sport and running, promoting the importance of the group and cohesion in sport and beyond.

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